The Future of Solar Energy

Almost everything on earth derives energy from the sun. Energy changes forms and almost all forms of energy have been converted into that form by solar energy in one way or another. The sun is the center of all the energy and even fossil fuels are the result of years of solar energy. Coal, oil and gas are all the forms of stored solar energy on which we are relying heavily these days.

Solar Energy Advantages

Solar energy is the most clean, safe and sustainable source of energy. The initial costs can be expensive or next to nothing depending on what programs you use, but the maintenance costs are very low. The energy is derived directly from the sun and no other non-renewable energy source is used. The governments of many countries are offering incentives and subsidies on solar energy these days. Many scientists and researchers are finding new ways of making the solar cells more efficient and reducing the cost per unit. There are no side effects and the environment remains clean and healthy with no global warming effects.

Disadvantages of Solar Panels

One of the biggest problems of storing and converting solar energy into electricity is that the solar panels require a lot of space. Another requirement is that the area where the solar panels are installed should be in a consistently sunny area. The initial investment if you choose to purchase solar panels instead of financing or leasing can be quite pricy upfront and savings overtime can be worth the cost. The average investment payback period is between seven to ten years.

Some Estimates about Solar Energy

The sun is estimated to be in the universe for trillions or more years, therefore, solar panel technology has a bright future ahead. Scientists and researchers say that innovations in the design of solar cells can increase their efficiency and reduce their capital cost. This in turn would reduce the cost per watt from solar energy. As solar panel technology continues to improve and expand, the more money people save over time. Solar energy is sustainable and there is a demand for it.

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