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As these become a permanent fixture of the home, you can (and probably should) leave them with the house. Most Palm Beach County FL solar companies allow you to buy out the remainder of the contract (if you didn't purchase the panels up front) and then include that price in the asking price for the house. Recent studies have shown that solar will increase the value of your home in Palm Beach County FL $17,000-$19,000. Not only can solar increase the value of your home, but based off other recent studies, solar can also help sell your house faster. For example, in southern California, homes with solar sell 2.5 times faster than homes without.
Typically solar panels have a manufacturers warranty for 25 years. Some solar companies in Palm Beach County FL will also provide additional services and guarantees for the first 20 years. The panels themselves can last 30-35 years so long as they are taken care of and maintained.
Without the sun, the solar panels will not be able to produce electricity and the system will shut off. The electricity you created during the day can be used to power your house at night though.
The fewer hours of sunlight and the further the panels are from the sun (based off the earth's tilt), the less electricity will be created.
Due to the materials used for the panels, they are self-cleaning for the most part. Really, this means that rain easily washed away dirt and debris and need very little additional cleaning. If the production of the panels seems to be an issue due to debris though, you can hose them off.
This all depends upon the number of the panels you have and how much energy you are going to be generating over any length of time. The solar panels will produce a set amount of electricity, and anything you use above that will be from your utility company. With space permitting, you can always add additional panels on later if your utility bills still aren't as low as you would like.
The panels are powerful and durable and built to withstand a variety of different conditions. Short of standing on them or testing them with a sledge hammer, they should stand the test of time. Some Palm Beach County FL solar companies will replace broken panels should anything happen to them within the first 20 years.
The amount of sun a solar system needs is actually dependent upon the inverter, which converts the electricity from DC (direct current) to AC (alternating current). Some inverters are more "sensitive" to sunlight than others and these inverters will "activate" sooner in the day and will turn off later at night. The panels themselves will absorb the UV rays so long as they are there. The more solar exposure, the more electricity produced.
This all depends on how large your home is and how much electricity you currently consume. You can also choose to offset 100% of your electricity with solar, or just a portion of it.
They can be anywhere depending on the type of property you own. You need to think about the location, along with the best spot for the sunlight in order to make the most of it.
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There are many more questions you may need to know before making the transition, in which case it is best to ask a consultant for further information. With these questions though, you should easily be able to get yourself started. Once you have all the right data you can then make a far more informed choice as to whether or not solar energy is right for you and your home in Palm Beach County FL.

Lock-in Low Electricity Rates

Most large solar companies in Palm Beach County FL provide lease or purchase agreements that allow you to pay for power produced just like your utility company. No need to buy solar panels when you can have them installed for free.

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